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Perfect space

In Start up on August 30, 2010 at 9:59 pm

Sam and Reuben began adding the new wood to the front of the barn last week.  We think it’s rather glorious to see, and we have been discussing removing trees so the view to the front of the BARn is not obstructed.

Back when we were first discussing the roof on the barn, we found a neat company, Sand Creek Post and Beam, that designs and sells the lumber and other parts to build post and beam barns.  On their website, we found a couple of big windows that were not used in a project and were heavily discounted.  We purchased them to go in the very top of both ends of the barn.

As Sam and Reuben added the wood to the front of the barn, we began to more clearly see the spaces where we had envisioned the windows and doors.   Our quick purchase of those windows really was the perfect thing for this old barn.

A much needed rain fell in Texas County today, so we spent some time this evening putting a stain/sealant on the wood windows.

In the cool, finally dust-free evening, we listened to the St. Louis Cardinals’ game and Andy’s chatter.  Tomorrow Sam and Reuben should be able to place the window on the top of the East end of the barn.

The larger hole in the middle will hold a set of double French doors.  They will be at floor level allowing in more light and air.  On the West of end of the barn, we will add another set of French doors (for a fabulous breeze on most days).

And, maybe you can see, just like us, the sign that will go between the top window and the French doors…Piney River Brewing Company BARn.

We hope it will be a perfect space.


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