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In Start up on October 27, 2010 at 9:07 pm

There have been some aspects of this project that Brian and I have not been able to do on our own.  It’s not that we couldn’t buy a book on the subject or Google the topic to find helpful tips.  It’s just that the tools required were too big.

Intercounty Electric came out today and installed a double throw box that will allow us to shut off all power to our house and barn for easily and safely hooking up a generator.  We also had an ancient electric pole that was in the way of our view out the West end of the BARn and was going to be too close for comfort to the party porch we plan to build off the back of the BARn.

The ancient pole

When the old pole was removed, two new poles were added.  The first pole was further up the line.

The remainder of the old pole is in the foreground.

The second pole was moved further down the line (even though we are the end of the line).

We will be moving the corral and making some fencing changes.

The shiny new double throw box.

If you happen to notice the rather large truck in the background of the above picture, that’s the other professional group we have on site this week.  We are putting spray foam insulation in the walls and ceiling of the BARn.

The spray on insulation was the only truly feasible way to insulate the ceiling of the loft while still keeping the rafters exposed.  Plus, this style of insulation will keep anything from coming inside the barn through any cracks in the wood, etc.

After the insulation is done, electrical work will begin.  As well as things likes stairs to the upstairs and bathrooms.

The other professional work was done by the big guy in the sky.  What a glorious sunset on this October evening!  Soon we’ll be enjoying them with a pint in hand from the West end view from the BARn.  And the best part of all…there’s no charge for the all natural view.


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