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In Start up on December 4, 2010 at 9:47 am

When we first started brewing beer, we thought about how it tied in with the Ozarks, the Big Piney River and the sweet, limestone filtered water that we drink and use in our beer.   You cannot brew a beer in the Ozarks without drawing on the history of the water that has been the life blood of the people, plants and animals that have relied on our rivers for centuries.

Many people have lived or visited the Ozarks and have enjoyed our rivers, including the Big Piney River.  We hope our beer helps them remember good times and great stories from time spent on the Piney.  We hope our beer is involved in the making of many new Ozark memories.

Brooke Hamilton, a Texas County artist, has returned to the area and set up shop as Grindstone Design Studio.  Brooke knows the Ozarks well.  Brooke used her artistic skills to create our thoughts about a logo, and we are very proud to unveil it here.

We’re going to use elements of this logo in designs for our specific beer types.  We hope it evokes memories of time spent on the Big Piney or other streams in the Ozarks–like the ones we hope Andy recollects many years from now when he’s old enough to enjoy a handcrafted beer after a day of fishing or floating on the river.

Andy's first Piney River largemouth. July 2010, age 5

And a Piney River smallmouth, too.

  1. Great pictures of andy and blog about the river and area.

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