Piney River Brewing Company

Tin roof, rusted…Part II

In Start up on December 26, 2010 at 9:59 pm

We must have been a good boy and girl because well before Christmas Day Santa sent us our Missouri state license to sell liquor.  Piney River Brewing Company is very much a brewery recognized by the federal and state governments.

So, everyone keeps asking when we are going to be open, when we will have beer to sale, when we’ll have beer to sample, etc.  All we can really say is that this is a process, my friends…

1)  We’re already looking into and working on the components for a larger brewing system because we know that the system we have isn’t going to be big enough to meet the demand.

2)  We’re working on marketing Piney River Brewing Company with a new Facebook page.  We also have hot off the embroidery machine Piney River Brewing Company baseball caps.  If you’re a cap wearer, you want to get one of these–soft cotton, low profile and only $15.

3)  We’re doing some final touches to the “wet side” of the brewery to get it ready for brewing with the system that we have.

Remember, this used to be a really old barn that housed, hay, pigeons, cows, mice, cats, and all sorts of  other things.  We want the side of the barn where we brew to be clean from top to bottom.  We don’t want a bunch of dust, dirt and wild yeasts floating around that could infect any beer that we make.  In between holiday travel, holiday friends and family, and all the other holiday stuff, we’ve managed to do quite a bit of interior work on the BARn.

First, we’ve been laying a sub-floor on the loft floor upstairs to level the loft floor and to keep “stuff” from falling from the upstairs floor through the ceiling downstairs.  We’ve just about finished laying 2000 square feet of Avantek, a type of plywood with a tongue and groove edge to connect the wood.

Second, we’ve closed off the room that houses our farm equipment.  We can do things like feed our cows while keeping our skid steer warm and keeping hay and dirt out of the brewery.  We insulated the walls between the the brewery and the farm room to keep heat/cool air in when we open the big doors to move our farm equipment in or out.

The side wall and door into the "farm room".

The other wall for the farm room and the side wall to the brewery office.

Finally, our work has turned toward covering the walls of the side of the brewery where we will brew, ferment and package our beer.

Brian screws tin to the walls.

The piles of old barn roof are finding their second life on the interior of the BARn where we are exposing the less rusty sides of the tin to cover and create walls.  As you can see in the above picture, we put two by fours on the walls in between the old oak beams.   We cut the tin sheets to length and screw them to the two by fours.  We have a nifty tool called the “metal muncher” that we use to cut the tin sheets to the correct length.
We have dark brown J-trim that we slide tin into to give a nice finished look to the walls. We staple the J-trim to the walls prior to putting the tin in place.

A J-trim corner.

A finished wall.

There will still be little things to do like putting wood trim up around the windows.  However, within the next couple of weeks, we should definitely be able to brew official Piney River Brewing Company beer.


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