Piney River Brewing Company

And just before you brew…

In Start up on February 2, 2011 at 8:44 pm

You need a place for the water to go.

Since we need a septic for the brewery water waste and a place for the human waste to go from those visiting the brewery, we installed two septic tanks last week.

Again, that involved digging and more digging–places for the two 500 gallon tanks and deep ditches for the leech lines coming out of the tanks.  I’d really like to know how many feet of dirt have been dug and moved around here in the past six months.

Here's the truck delivering two 500 gallon concrete tanks.

We had to install two tanks/systems because the brewery yeasts and cleaners can screw up the ability for human waste to break down.  I know, that’s probably too much information, but it’s just another thing that had to be considered and accounted for when we started this project.

Don’t get any ideas about coming here to use our new restrooms because we are doing the important things first–building the brewery.  We’ll hook up the human waste side of things sometime in the near future.

I told Brian this week as we were hooking up faucets and drains to our new stainless steel sink in the brewery, “You know, when this place is done, you can say that you plumbed it.”

Now let’s get to brewing!


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