Piney River Brewing Company

February 1, 2011

In The Beer on February 2, 2011 at 9:36 pm

It was on February 11, 2009  over a bottle of Brewery Ommegang’s “Three Philosophers” that we decided to make our own beer.  Almost two years later, on a day when we were tucked away at home awaiting “Snowpocalypse”, the first official Piney River Brewing Company beer was brewed.

For the record, the brewer (Brian) did most of the work while the assistant brewer (Joleen) did her day job, stopping only to take a few photos, much to the brewer’s chagrin.  The assistant brewer did provide much assistance with the clean up last night.

Up for the first brew was our Bronzeback Pale Ale, an homage to our favorite fish to catch on the Big Piney River–the smallmouth bass.

Four delicious smelling grains were ground first.

The grain goes in.

Mashing in the grain.

The first head that beer gets--in the boil kettle.

Boiling pale ale--two different types of hops are added at four different times when the pale ale is boiling.

Cooling the wort as it goes into a fermenting tank.

And 20 gallons of Bronzeback Pale Ale are fermenting away in the BARn.  No official word on the first beer sale at PRBC, but a good place to stay abreast of that is on our Facebook page.  We ordered growlers and pint glasses yesterday, too, so you’ll have a way to take home your own pale ale and serve in our cool brewery glasses.

  1. wow! Have a vision/dream and make it HAPPEN! Great job; can’t wait to see the finished product.

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