Piney River Brewing Company

Soft openings

In The Beer on March 14, 2011 at 9:09 pm

When we started this process, we thought we would save our old barn, make a little beer in it, and see what the interest was in beer hand crafted on the Piney.  We had barely cleaned the old hay and manure out of the barn before word started getting out about Piney River Brewing Company, and we kept hearing, “This is what this area needed!”

After we got our licenses last year, we poured all of our energy into getting the BARn in shape to brew.  The brewing began in January, and the major construction work stopped.  Yet in between lots of brewing, we’ve been slapping up tin, hanging doors and cleaning up all the old barn parts and pieces scattered around inside and out.

We've closed off the "mechanical room".

We've about got the grain room/office interior covered in old tin.

We've enclosed both sides of the brewery viewing walls.

EVERYONE kept asking about our “grand opening”, which has not occurred.  We really aren’t ready for all of our friends and neighbors to show up here at once for a pint.  We have cracked the door open just a tad the past two weekends–filling growlers, offering samples, showing off the work in progress.

On tap...

And other stuff...

These soft openings have been fun.  We’ve had about 20 visitors a weekend, and we’ve been able to give tours and talk about craft beer.

For those of you that have come out to see us.  Thanks!  For those of you that haven’t, we’re going to keep opening up from  time to time on the weekends as we are able.

The last weekend we’ll be open in March is Sat., Mar. 19th.  Our hours this Saturday will be 12 to 4 p.m.  Cheers!

One of our growlers waiting for a fill in the brewery.

  1. I think it’s great you have two giant windows to view the brewing process with. I have found that even those that don’t drink beer are interested all of the hard work that goes into it. Great update! Keep em’ comin’!

    • Agreed! We have jars of grain and hops for them to look at and to smell, too. And there’s really nothing better than the aromas of beer brewing. Right now most of our guests just walk on in to the wet side of the brewery to take a look around, but we plan to fill up that space in the very near future, so good windows for viewing things were very important to us, too. Thanks for your response!

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