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In Beer Events on April 28, 2011 at 7:34 am

For any of you that follow us via blog, we wanted to let you know that we will be closed this weekend, Saturday, April 30th.  We need to restock our supply.  All of the fermentation tanks are currently full, and next weekend we should be fully stocked with everything–Ozark Firefly Wheat, McKinney Eddy Amber Ale, Ozark Bronzeback Pale, Old Tom Porter, and our latest batch of Ozark happiness–Missouri Mule IPA.  So, plan to bring your growlers and your tastebuds to see us next weekend!

We may have our new T-shirts available then, too!



Old Tom

In The Beer on April 21, 2011 at 11:09 pm

Beer development is part science, part luck.

As someone that has experienced giving birth to a child, I find similarities between having a child and creating and brewing a new beer.

And Jack McAuliffe of the former New Albion Brewing said, “Farmers make wine.  Engineers make beer.”

Engineering.  Birth.  Science.  Luck.  No matter what you call it, there are times when brewing beer is pure magic.

May I introduce our latest:

Old Tom Porter

Yes, it’s as delicious as it looks.

The roasted barley smells good enough to eat before it goes into the mill.  Add a little hot liquor, hops, yeast….Wow!

We’re calling this baby  “Old Tom Porter”.  We envisioned this name long before we actually tasted the beer.  Texas County is one of the top counties in Missouri for wild turkey.  There is nothing quite as exciting as the deep throaty gobble of a big tom echoing off a river bluff just as the sun is rising on a spring morning.  Everyone that’s hunted wild turkey has seen Old Tom–the granddaddy of the turkeys, bright red wattle, spectacular fan, beard dragging the ground.  However, Old Tom is no bird brain; he’s been around the block.  He will gobble and strut and drum and spit, but rarely does he come within the 20 to 30 yards needed for a hunter to take him down.  Old Tom is a prize.  Old Tom is the one you talk about.  Old Tom is the stuff of Ozark legends.

May I introduce you to Piney River Brewing Company’s

Dense black beard, brilliant plumage, reverberating gobble–Old Tom is notorious for haunting the Ozark hills. He’s a prize gobbler with the wisdom to stay just out of reach. Our handcrafted porter is also memorable, but it’s one Old Tom that won’t get away.

It’s Just Crazy Being a New Brewery

In Start up on April 18, 2011 at 10:38 pm

Just in case you ever wondered what it’s like to start a brewery, it’s a little crazy. We have day jobs which help us pursue our passion of starting a brewery. It also means that you get up and go to work only to come home and go to work. I’ve started playing this little game with myself where I try to see how long I’m awake in the morning before I think about something related to beer. (It’s usually right after I think about “coffee”.)

We’ve been open most weekends since the beginning of March. We open for just a few hours on Saturday. Occasionally someone needs a growler or two filled at a time when we’re not officially open, and we try to accommodate that, too. In May we’re going to try being open on some Friday evenings to see if that’s a little simpler for people that want to pick up beer at the beginning of the weekend instead of in the middle of it. Plus, the night’s are longer, which is helpful since we don’t have lights outside the BARn right now.

Major work has slowed down on the BARn for now, mostly because we have spent a lot of time brewing lots and lots of beer. Remember, we’re a nanobrewery, brewing on a 10-gallon system, but we’ve brewed 230 gallons of beer since we started brewing during snowpocalypse (working our day jobs the entire time). In official brewing terms, that is 7 and half barrels of beer.

Here’s the really crazy thing, when our new brewing system is up and running, we can brew almost 230 gallons in one brewing session! Yes, we are building a new brewing system right now. Brian manages a manufacturing company, and he has employees that can weld stainless steel. We have beautiful new stainless cylinders sitting in one of the shops at Brian’s work with tops and bottoms waiting to be welded on. Pictures to come, I promise….

We have zeroed in on our packaging line, and we even know where we’re going to put it in the brewery. We’re working with a cool company out of Colorado, which is microbrewery heaven in beer world. Speaking of packaging, we’ve been talking to distributors, too. We have learned some things about distribution, and we know there are already some places that want our beer in their store or on tap. We are really looking forward to seeing our beer on tap in the places we like to eat. How cool will that be to order your own beer with your steak or burger?

We do not have an exact date for when all of this will take place, but it will be this year and it will be in the next few months. Meanwhile, we’ve got Bronzeback Pale Ale, McKinney Eddy Amber Ale and Ozark Firefly Wheat on tap in the brewery. We have met a lot of new and neat people, and we’ve enjoyed sharing our beer with them.

We’ve got a couple of new beers coming along, too. But more about that later….

In addition to our blog, our website is growing under Brooke Hamilton’s artistic hand–  We’ve got a Piney River Brewing Company Facebook page at  You can follow us on Twitter @PineyRiverBrew.  We’re finding fans and friends and followers all over the country, which has been mind blowing and fun.

We have five colors of hats embroidered with our logo.  Logo pint glasses.  Logo growlers.  And soon to come logo coasters and T-shirts with our full color logo on the back.  Whew!

While you’re waiting to see that bigger system and packaging line and waiting to see Piney River Brewing Company handcrafted ales in your local beverage store, come check out your local brewery.  You can say that you were one of the first to try Piney River Brewing Company beer before it was available anywhere other than on the Little Piney.

The beginning of the PRBC business plan.

…still having the time of our lives, too!

A Toast

In The Beer on April 5, 2011 at 8:00 pm

We got a shout out from our people at the Brewers Association today when they featured Brian and the brewery.

Check it out.  So cool.  Thanks BA.

Still having the time of our lives….