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Old Tom

In The Beer on April 21, 2011 at 11:09 pm

Beer development is part science, part luck.

As someone that has experienced giving birth to a child, I find similarities between having a child and creating and brewing a new beer.

And Jack McAuliffe of the former New Albion Brewing said, “Farmers make wine.  Engineers make beer.”

Engineering.  Birth.  Science.  Luck.  No matter what you call it, there are times when brewing beer is pure magic.

May I introduce our latest:

Old Tom Porter

Yes, it’s as delicious as it looks.

The roasted barley smells good enough to eat before it goes into the mill.  Add a little hot liquor, hops, yeast….Wow!

We’re calling this baby  “Old Tom Porter”.  We envisioned this name long before we actually tasted the beer.  Texas County is one of the top counties in Missouri for wild turkey.  There is nothing quite as exciting as the deep throaty gobble of a big tom echoing off a river bluff just as the sun is rising on a spring morning.  Everyone that’s hunted wild turkey has seen Old Tom–the granddaddy of the turkeys, bright red wattle, spectacular fan, beard dragging the ground.  However, Old Tom is no bird brain; he’s been around the block.  He will gobble and strut and drum and spit, but rarely does he come within the 20 to 30 yards needed for a hunter to take him down.  Old Tom is a prize.  Old Tom is the one you talk about.  Old Tom is the stuff of Ozark legends.

May I introduce you to Piney River Brewing Company’s

Dense black beard, brilliant plumage, reverberating gobble–Old Tom is notorious for haunting the Ozark hills. He’s a prize gobbler with the wisdom to stay just out of reach. Our handcrafted porter is also memorable, but it’s one Old Tom that won’t get away.

  1. Great story about deciding on a name. Another brew I look forward to trying!

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