Piney River Brewing Company


In Start up on May 4, 2011 at 10:52 pm

Ever since our very cool Piney River logo was developed (Brooke Hamilton of Grindstone Studio—Thanks Brooke!), I’ve thought about putting it on a T-shirt.

The logo is pretty color heavy, and I did not want T-shirts that had more weight in paint than cotton.  At the Craft Brewer’s Conference we met Graphic 22 or as they are known in brewery circles, The Hopman.  They specialize in a full-color print that blends with the shirt for a soft feel and look.  Iain Hursey, my sales guy, hooked me up with the first of what I imagine will be many more T-shirts.


The slate colored shirt is an “American Apparel” lighter weight cotton shirt that’s got a more tapered fit, which the ladies seem to prefer, but the dudes can wear this one, too.

The sand colored shirt is a “Gildan” preshrunk cotton shirt that has a traditional T-shirt fit.

Both T-shirts have the simple, red Piney River Brewing Co. logo in red on the left chest.

Add the shirts to our collection of embroidered organic cotton ball caps and our pint glasses, and we’ve got merchandise folks.

Then, when I was buying that cool poster at the Decemberists’ concert, I admired their cool merch display using some type of coated wire with the T-shirts, posters, displayed.  In true Ozark fashion, I came home, found a couple of unused piece of cattle panel, and wa-la, one perfectly BARn merch display.

Come see us at the brewery.  Come get your very own Piney River Brewing Company T-shirt, while they last.

(For those of you that follow this blog that may want merch but won’t be here at the BARn any time soon, we will have a web store available on our website soon.  A web store “is on the list”.)


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