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In Start up on June 13, 2011 at 10:54 pm

I heard a story today about a Dallas Maverick player that tattooed the NBA Championship Trophy on his body before the season this year because he believed that much that he was going to be a recipient of that trophy at the end of the season.  We haven’t tattooed our logo on our bodies, but we have the same passion for creating craft beer in the Ozarks.

Here it is late on Monday night, and I’m downloading photos and blogging while Brian brews up batches of McKinney Eddy Amber Ale and Missouri Mule IPA.  Both things HAVE to be done.

We wanted to share with you the great news that our rock star banker, Sandy Howard, finalized the papers and released the funds for our SBA loan late Friday afternoon.  Sitting in Sandy’s office, signing those papers was something we didn’t see ourselves doing several years ago, but on Friday it felt like one of many times in the future when we may utilize outside resources to achieve our entrepreneurial dreams.  And signing on those many lines was sort of like getting a tattoo of a trophy.  We DO believe that much.

Andy kept an eye on the proceedings. He's already told us that he intends to run the brewery some day.

The big news to report is that with the release of those funds we have purchased 120 new kegs, two 15 barrel fermentation vessels, a 15 barrel bright tank and a canning system.  In April Brian also found a 7-barrel brewhouse for sale in Southern Illinois that we bought from Big Muddy Brewing.  There are still many components we are working on…can design, glycol system, cleaning systems, etc., but we have some of the big items on their way (and most of them will be six to eight weeks before they get here).

We had another fun weekend at the BARn (and we have the empty kegs to prove it).  We’re meeting new people every weekend, and we really appreciate everyone’s support of their local brewery.  Keep this in mind…it’s only for a few more weeks you’ll be able to drink beer from a nanobrewery.  We’re barreling down the road to a full-fledged packaging microbrewery, tattoos not included.

  1. Congratulations!! During my visit to the BARn I could feel the enthusiasm in Brain’s voice. I am looking forward to my next visit and seeing the fruits of your labor. It takes a tremendous amount of work to make your dreams come true and then share them.


  2. I really enjoy reading about all the details and steps you have to go through. Congrats, thanks for the update and keep em’ coming!

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