Piney River Brewing Company

When to Expand Your Nanobrewery

In Start up on June 27, 2011 at 9:55 pm

I’ll admit, it felt a little insane at Piney River Brewing Company last Saturday.

After moving in the fermentation vessels and bright tank, parts of the brewery looked like an explosion had happened.  We had to relocate tables, kegs and other miscellaneous items.  We needed to sweep the floor and do some rearranging (this will happen several times over the upcoming weeks, I’m sure).  Brian and I ate a hearty breakfast and hit the brewery by 10 a.m., cleaning and moving like mad folks.  We readied our slightly primitive bathroom–electricity, flushing toilet and hand sanitizer.  There was beer to taste and some slight panic over the dwindling supply of growlers.

Our first customers showed up right about 1, and they flowed through the door all day long.  Some were new patrons; some were returning patrons.  We filled new growlers.  We filled old growlers.  We served pints and samples.  We started the day with every beer but our pale ale on tap.   We didn’t keep count but somewhere around 50 or so people were in the local unadvertised nanobrewery last Saturday.

When the dust settled at the end of the day, there were five empty kegs (five gallon) waiting to be cleaned.  There wasn’t a drop of IPA or wheat to be had.  There were just partial kegs of porter and amber ale left.  The big cooler where we keep our kegs (“the ultimate beer fridge”) was EMPTY.  It hasn’t been empty since January!

I’m sure you’ve heard that the cobblers children have no shoes.  Well, the brewer’s wife has no beer either.  After the end of our busiest Saturday ever, Brian and I didn’t even touch our own beer because the supply is too scarce, and we want to share it with our local craft beer lovers.  We toasted our great day with Boulevard’s Double-Wide IPA.  We would be remiss if we did not give a big, huge thanks to everyone that came out and supported their local craft brewery this past Saturday.  Thank you!

As we locked up the brewery about six, Brian said, “I’ve always heard that a brewery should not expand until they are selling out of everything they make.”  Saturday’s big day made us feel even better about the new equipment in the brewery and the new equipment we have on its way.

Sunday became a triple brew day at Piney River Brewing Company.  Two batches of McKinney Eddy Amber Ale and one batch of Bronzeback Pale Ale were fermenting away by nightfall–a whole whoppin’ barrel of beer.  We really can’t wait until our new brewhouse is in place–just one brew will equal 7 barrels of beer.  (And Brian shouldn’t catch his shorts on fire with that brewhouse either.)

We won’t have everything on tap this Saturday, but we will be able to fill growlers with Ozark Firefly Wheat and Missouri Mule IPA.  There’s some amber ale and porter on tap for pints, too.  If you need craft brew for the upcoming holiday, or if you just need a place to cool off where you can enjoy a handcrafted beer, stop by the BARn from 1 to 5 p.m.  For fermenting purposes, Brian keeps the BARn a cool 68 degrees!



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