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In Beer Events on July 9, 2011 at 8:44 pm

Some of you that follow the Piney River Brewing Company blog do not follow us on Facebook or Twitter, so I want to share a few things with you that you may have missed from this past week’s events at Piney River Brewing Company.

We were blogged about by a craft beer lover from Little Rock, AR:

The same blogger also did what we believe to be our first beer review:

Thanks to Scott Parton for the blog feature and the review!

We had another excellent Saturday in the BARn.  As you know, we cannot keep up with the craft beer demand at our nanobrewery here in Bucyrus, and as you also know, we are well on our way to becoming a full-fledged packaging microbrewery.  It just so happens that for a little bit of time next Saturday, we should have everything we make on tap…until we don’t, as it goes at a nanobrewery.

Finally, if you’re trying to find the time to visit, we will be open every Saturday in July for the next three Saturdays from 1 to 5 p.m.    We already know that we will be closed the first two Saturdays in August, so you may want to just fill a few growlers to keep in the back of the fridge until mid-August, if that’s even possible.

Now for a fun little story…remember a couple of blog posts ago when I mentioned the restaurant Farmer’s Gastropub ( in Springfield?  Brian and I went there for dinner because we heard from some of our customers that Farmer’s Gastropub was a craft beer friendly restaurant.  While there, we ended meeting the owner, Bill Griffiths, and before the night was over he let us use the beer engine to pour our beer.  We have since referred a few people to the restaurant (which also has great food in addition to an extensive beer list).   The highlight of today’s brewery visits was a couple from Springfield that came to check us out on Bill Griffith’s recommendation.  I poured up pints for people that drove 90 miles to try our beer because another beer lover told them about us!  That’s what makes craft beer so much fun!  It brings people together.  It makes people happy.

Thanks again to each of you.  You have been great about supporting your local craft brewery in the past few months.  We’re getting ready to have a lot more beer around here, and we’re getting ready to be available in local package stores and restaurants, too.  This wouldn’t be happening if we didn’t have so many of you out there drinking craft beer and promoting Piney River Brewing to your friends and family members.



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