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The Happy Nanobrewery

In Start up on July 25, 2011 at 9:42 pm

Happiness is a great craft beer.

Happiness is starting a nanobrewery.

Happiness is starting a nanobrewery that cannot make enough beer.

If you’re the nanobrewery owners, you’re happy when the brewery is crowded on Saturday.  You’re happy when you’re getting carpel tunnel from pulling the tap.  You’re happy when there’s empty keg after empty keg.  (Okay, I’ll admit, you’re a little stressed about the empty keg thing, too.)

The aforementioned  publicity came out in The Houston Herald last Thursday.  That brought a few new people out to the brewery this past Saturday.  Then some of our previous customers brought some of their friends out to the brewery, too this past Saturday.  There were a lot of samples given, a lot of pints poured and many growlers filled this past Saturday.  And a bad thing happened.

We’re just about out of beer.  When we were staying up until midnight a couple of weeks ago brewing, double-batch brewing and moving beer from the fermentation tanks to the cooler as quickly as we possibly could, we thought we could have enough beer on tap to satisfy our customers’ thirst the last two weekends in July.  We were wrong.

The pale ale went first.  The wheat went second.  Then the amber ale.  There’s maybe a pint of porter left.  The only thing that we have in any quantity (and that’s just one keg) is our IPA.

Here’s proof of our nanobrewery happiness.  Seven empty five gallon kegs.

Yes, that’s thirty-five gallons of beer gone.  Yes, that’s nanobrewery owner happiness.

So, do you want the good news or the bad news first?

The Bad News:  Piney River Brewing Company is NOT open on July 30th as originally planned.  Nor are we open the first two weekends in August (08/06 & 08/13), as originally planned.

Evidence item #2--mostly empty cooler.

The Good News:  We’re going to stay up until midnight brewing multiple double-batches of your beloved McKinney Eddy Amber Ale and Ozark Firefly Wheat this week.  Then, when it’s done fermenting, we’re going to brew some more.  By the time the BARn is open again–Sat., August 20th–you can drink another 35 gallons of beer if you so desire.  We’ll have it in this currently pitifully empty kegorator.

And here’s the BIG good news…we get our new brewhouse on Wed., Aug. 10th.

Thank you for your thirst.  Thank you for your patience.  We truly can’t wait until this happy nanobrewery is the bigger happy microbrewery making 217 gallons of beer at a time instead of 10.


  1. Wow…what great news. I wish I was there contributing to your keg emptiness. Keep brewing your little hearts out!

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