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Northern Brewer Saved PRBC

In The Beer on August 7, 2011 at 8:32 am

Once upon a time there was a family in the Ozarks that started a nanobrewery called Piney River Brewing Company.  The family spent time every summer on a fishing trip on Rainy Lake in Northern Minnesota/Canada.  The first year their brewery was in operation, the family found it very difficult to pick “the right time” to leave the brewery for their annual pilgrimage to North Country.

However, as the summer of 2011 went along, the family realized that the first week of August would be a good week to make the annual Rainy Lake trip.  They began planning, and as luck would have it, they sold out of beer the week before they were to leave on vacation.

With their thirsty customers in mind, they made sure all four fermentation vessels were filled with beer that was fermenting in the brewery while they were in North Country.  They emptied the brewery fridge of yeast, but planned to order more yeast while they were on vacation.  They had a very tight brewing schedule:

Sunday, August 7th –arrive at home from North Country and transfer beer from fermentation vessels to kegs for carbonating.

Monday, August 8th—Brian goes to work and picks up the yeast ordered while on vacation and returns home that evening to double batch brew 20 gallons.

Tuesday & Wednesday, August 9th /10th—Brian goes to Big Muddy Brewing to pick up our new 7-barrel brew house.

Thursday or Friday night of the same week—Brian goes to work and returns home to double batch brew 20 more gallons.

The brewing family had a fabulous vacation of chilling out on the lake, catching fish and not really thinking about anything other than having fun on the lake.  It was on Saturday afternoon as the brewing family headed South back toward Missouri and began discussing the upcoming week’s events.

“You forgot to order yeast!” the brewer’s wife exclaimed.

The brewer began to consider his options so as not to throw the whole pbrewing plan awry.  After all, the Piney River Brewing customers are thirsty!

“Find out where Northern Brewer is,” the brewer asked his wife.

Blackberry in hand the brewer and his wife wound their way through St. Paul to a hoppin’ little homebrew store—Northern Brewer.  Together they picked up yeast to brew 40 more gallons of beer and some brown malt needed for the Old Tom Porter.

The doors of brewery will be open again on Saturday, August 20th, and thanks to Northern Brewer, the brewery will be well stocked with beer.

And that’s the story of how Northern Brewer—a home brew shop in St. Paul, Minnesota—saved Piney River Brewing Company.

Cheers to Northern Brewer!

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