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New Microbrewery Stuff

In Start up on August 25, 2011 at 10:25 pm

Visitors to Piney River Brewing Company last week got a chance to take a gander at some of our new brewery “stuff”.

First came more stainless–our new (to us) 7-barrel brew house.

Yes, we were planning to build our own system, but Brian found a used system at Big Muddy Brewing in Murphysboro, IL.  Don’t worry, we’re going to use the parts we were already working on to add some components to this brewing system.

It took two trailers and two trucks, but it all arrived safely at the BARn.

Now, the fun part…getting it all hooked up.  Rees Oil arrived today to install the propane tank which will provide heat for the brew house.  A glycol chilling unit is on its way to Bucyrus, and it will be used to provide constant cool temperatures for the fermentation vessels and bright tank.  Speaking of…

These fermentation vessels are just about ready for “insert beer here”.

This may be my personal favorite of the new “stuff”–the semi-automatic keg cleaner.  No more busting my knuckles taking corny kegs apart.  Although I have dubbed myself “Keg Queen”, it’s not because I’m drinking them dry.  I just clean ’em.  This little machine is going to make my life a heckuva lot better.

Although we’ve still got to hook her up, here’s more or less where the new brew house sits in the brewery.

Notice the paddle leaning against the brew kettle?  That’s not just any old paddle.

That is the mash paddle (for stirring the mash when you’re making beer).

And that’s not just any old mash paddle.

That’s a handcrafted Ozark sassafras wood paddle.

Which in the Ozarks is the finest paddle you can have, folks.

Our good friend, Joe Richardson, made this paddle for us.  He started it quite awhile back, and he finished it and brought it over this week.  Joe crafted the paddle in his shop, and he even used a couple of tools from Charlie McKinney’s blacksmith shop before the job was complete.

From what Joe told us about making the paddle, it took a lot of determination and time, but it was like all great things in the end–something he was really proud of.  And we’re proud of it, too.  Thanks, Joe!

And finally, did you see those bright colored lights behind that new brewhouse?

That’s what happens when your dad learns how to use the Internet.

Yep, Happy Birthdays and Merry Christmas to Brian and I.  My dad did a little online shopping and hooked us up with more neon than Bucyrus has probably ever seen.

So far the Bronzeback seems to be the most popular.

We’ve also started work on putting the old barn wood on the walls upstairs.  But that’s another blog post…

There’s lots to see at Piney River Brewing Company these days.  And our feverish brewing efforts have paid off; we have Ozark Firefly Wheat; McKinney Eddy Amber Ale; Bronzeback Pale Ale; Old Tom Porter and Missouri Mule IPA on tap (until we don’t) this Saturday, August 27th.  Come on out and see us and our new brewery stuff–12 to 5 p.m.


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