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How Oktoberfest Went Down

In Beer Events on October 17, 2011 at 10:44 pm

Brian and I geared up for our first beer festival–Oktoberfest at The Public House in Rolla–by making sure that we had excellent beer to sample.  For this festival, we had a Missouri Mule India Pale Ale and an Old Tom Porter–five gallons of each–to share with festival attendees.  My beer, the Black Walnut Wheat, also tasted fabulously of fall, so we decided to take five gallons of it to the festival, too.

A very crafty girl that I work with, Brittney McNiell, was hired to carve a pumpkin with our logo in it (and she did a darn fine job on it, too!).  John McCarty of McCarty Signs painted a great logo banner for us.  Brooke Hamilton of Grindstone Studios helped us make some postcard size contact cards with our logo, a map to the brewery and other contact information.  I added some empty grain bags, black walnuts, wheat and fall leaves.  I don’t really consider myself to be a “decorator”, but I think our table turned out pretty well.

What do you think?

We also outfitted our jockey box (the modified cooler that we use to serve beer) with a couple of our new tap handles.  David Pepper with Firkin Taphandles in St. Louis is working on our tap handles which are made out of wood from the BARn.  That’s another blog post for another time, but here’s a sneak peek at them.

The Public House owners said that about 200 people came through the beer festival.  There were several beers from various breweries in Missouri to sample, and some local wineries also provided samples at the festival.

We were happy to see some of our “regular” customers come to Oktoberfest, and we’re pretty sure that we met some new regulars on Saturday, too.  We are proud to say that our Missouri Mule was the first keg to empty on Saturday–about 3 p.m.  The Old Tom keg emptied shortly after that, and my Black Walnut Wheat was done by 5.  Five hours into a six-hour beer festival, we were down to chatting with the festival attendees and sampling some beers and wines.  Not too shabby for a new brewery at their first festival!

If you were one of the festival attendees that tried our beer, thank you!  And if you were one of the festival attendees that drank several samples of one of our beers calling it “the best beer here”, thank you!  We love the way all of you love craft beer, especially locally made craft beer!

Brian and I were tickled by the different people that latched on to one of our beers, got their friends to try it, and called it “the best beer here”.  Based on their comments, we really can’t tell you which beer was their favorite.  But based on the empty kegs, they liked them all!

Oktoberfest went down well.  We’re looking forward to having some of our new Oktoberfest friends at the BARn very soon.

For those of you that are worried about the status of the Black Walnut Wheat and its availability in the brewery, do not fear.  When we realized that we crafted a very good beer, we brewed another batch.  It’s a limited edition seasonal brew, so it won’t be available for too long, but it will be available in the brewery this weekend.   We hope you can make it out on Saturday, October 22nd for a little taste of Oktoberfest at the BARn.

We’ll be open on Saturday from 12 to 5 p.m.  We’ll fill growlers and serve pints.  You’re welcome to bring a picnic or snacks.  Current forecasts predict a beautiful autumn day.  And you’re welcome to wear your St. Louis Cardinals gear and talk a little post season baseball while you sip some Black Walnut Wheat.



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