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Our Craft Beer to the Customers

In Start up on November 28, 2011 at 10:16 pm

The roll out of Piney River Brewing Company beers has begun.

After canning our Amber Ale and IPA, we met with Grellner Sales regarding getting the beer “out there”…to you.  Since Texas County is our home base, and since the BARn was going to be closed on Thanksgiving weekend, we really wanted to get beer into Texas County retail stores for the week of Thanksgiving.

We loaded our truck with cases of Amber Ale and IPA and met a Grellner truck that was making a delivery in Houston.

Brian made the delivery.  Here’s one happy Grellner truck.

Piney River brews were available to customers across the county last week.  And here’s the truly spectacular news–you supported your local craft brewery so well that we’re making another delivery to Grellner tomorrow–more Amber Ale in can and in kegs.  We have IPA that should  be canned and delivered to Grellner next week.

Here are the stores in Texas County that are currently carrying Piney River brews:

In Houston–The Pit Stop and S&S Package

In Licking–Triplett’s and Snappy Mart

In Success–Pittman’s

In Roby–Walt’s

In Evening Shade–The Family Market

Casey’s took several cases of our beer, but they were unable to sell it because they have to get it approved and into their corporate system (we’re so glad we purchased UPC symbols for our beer cans!).  When that happens, Casey’s will have our beer in their stores, too.

We aren’t sure where the kegs are going yet, but as soon as we know, we’ll let you know.

From Texas County, we will gradually roll out more of our beer to more counties.  Meanwhile, the Texas County craft beer lovers should be proud of the support shown to their local craft brewery!  One local retailer told us that they have consistently underestimated their beer order every time they have ordered Piney River beer from Grellner in the past week.  One of our Facebook fans drove 80 miles round trip to Texas County to pick up Piney River beer.

If there’s a retail store where you like to buy your adult beverages or a restaurant where you would like to enjoy a beer from Piney River brewing, ask them to contact Grellner.  We are coming soon to more stores and restaurants in the Ozarks!

Meanwhile, we will have the BARn open on Saturday from 12 to 5 p.m. if you want to come enjoy a pint with us.  We’ve started work on the BARn bar, too.  There are hopes of more good times to come at your local microbrewery.  Cheers!

  1. This is so exciting!

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