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Craft Beer + Guest Tap = General Craft Beer Fun at the BARn

In The Beer on November 30, 2011 at 10:34 pm

To update you a little on the progress here at Piney River Brewing…we’re brewing regularly in our 7-barrel system, especially Amber Ale and IPA for canning.  It will be a while before we meet the demand for our beer in cans.  We’re sneaking in things like our Porter and our Wheat when we get a chance so we can provide the occasional keg of the “other” beers that we brew but don’t can and so we can provide those beers on tap in the BARn each weekend.

Speaking of the BARn, we began putting in the bar in the upstairs.  A sink for the bar has arrived.  Lights have arrived and our electrician is planning to come install them.  We’re taking a look at some tables and chairs this weekend.  It’s practically winter, and we want our BARn regulars and  new visitors to the BARn to have a fantastic view and a comfortable place to enjoy their locally brewed craft beer.

We’ve planned all along to offer some additional beverages in the taproom at the BARn—homemade soda, wine, spirits, and special brews from fellow craft brewers in what we call our “guest tap”.

In the process of getting set up with Grellner to distribute our beer, we talked to them about providing some beer to us for the guest tap at the BARn.  Grellner distributes products by Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, and we enjoyed Boulevard products for many years before we ever dreamed of making beer to sell here in Bucyrus.

Boulevard Brewing Company was founded in 1989 by John MacDonald.  Today, Boulevard one of the top ten craft breweries in the nation in production.  John MacDonald and his staff are great champions of craft beer, and they create excellent products for those that are new to craft beer and those that are connoisseurs of craft beer.   Plus, did you know that Texas County’s own Nathan Perry of Cabool works in the lab at Boulevard?

Through Grellner we picked up a Boulevard Pale Ale to have on tap until we are able to get our own pale ale back on tap.  Boulevard Pale Ale just won a Gold medal for “International Pale Ale” at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival.  With an ABV of 5.4% and 30 IBUs, this is a very drinkable pale ale.

We were also lucky enough to score two kegs of Boulevard’s Nutcracker Ale, a seasonal ale offered by Boulevard only during the holidays.  Grellner only had nine 1/6 barrel kegs of Nutcracker, and we took two.  We’re pretty sure that the BARn at Piney River Brewing will be the only place in Texas County to find Nutcracker on tap in December, and it may be the only place for several counties around to enjoy this Missouri crafted brew.

Brian and I tapped the first keg of Nutcracker last night.  The beer is made with fresh Chinook hops which add a unique spice to the flavor of the beer which also has a nice maltiness that reminds me a little of our own Amber Ale.  Nutcracker has an ABV of 5.8% and 38 IBUs.

The BARn will be open this Saturday from 12 to 5 p.m. for pints, growler fills and general fun.  We’ll have the aforementioned Boulevard beers on tap in addition to our own Old Tom Porter, McKinney Eddy Amber Ale and Missouri Mule India Pale Ale.

Also–we have a few cans of Amber Ale, but almost all of the canned stuff is in stores now, so look to our retail sites for your canned beer needs.

  1. Sounds really good. Keep up the good work.Wish there was an outlet near me i’m dieing to try some!!! ô¿ô

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