Piney River Brewing Company

Bucyrus, Missouri–A Craft Beer Town

In The BARn on February 15, 2012 at 10:44 pm

Bucyrus.  Pronounced “Bue-sigh-russ”.  I know.  It doesn’t look like that.

Bucyrus is little more than a postal code.  In fact, Bucyrus is one of the rural post office towns that’s on the post office chopping block.  But we’ll get to keep our name.

A whole bunch of good people live in Bucyrus.  I imagine that every single resident of Bucyrus has had the distinct pleasure of giving someone we don’t know our zip code for a town look up only to receive complete silence while they try to figure out how to pronounce the town that just popped up.

At Piney River Brewing Company, we’re pretty proud to brew in Bucyrus.  You may have noticed that right on the front of our cans, we’ve written “Canned & Brewed in Bucyrus, Missouri”.  Our kegs have “Bucyrus, MO” embossed in the stainless steel.  It’s all good here in Bucyrus.

However, a name change was suggested today for Bucyrus.  The new name reflects the current activities in our tiny Missouri town:

Personally, we can’t help but love the idea.

What do you think?

  1. Love it! I think you need to add the population number. 🙂

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