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Not Your Ordinary Weekend at the BARn

In Beer Events on March 11, 2012 at 6:48 pm

Since November, we have had the BARn open every Saturday afternoon (except Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends) for tastings, growler fills and general fun…including fires around the fire pits, pints with a view in the upstairs “soon-to-be” taproom, and tours and conversation with Brian and I about things like our brewing process and our passion for craft beer in the Ozarks.

If you regularly frequent the BARn, you’ve noticed the work that we’ve been doing on the upstairs of the BARn–lights, tables and chairs and a real bar.  There’s still work to be done–the 1,000 square foot deck off the West end of the BARn, hardwood cherry flooring upstairs, more wood on the walls, trim work, more bathrooms, etc.

If you were at the BARn this past weekend, you noticed that Brian, Andy and I were not here.  We have been going at it pretty hard–laying tile behind the bar, doing other work related to building the space for the upstairs tap room, serving beer at a couple of tastings, brewing, cleaning, kegging, etc.  Our family took the weekend and spent some time together, enjoying a concert with a band we all love (The Avett Brothers) with the hope of returning rested, rejuvenated, and ready to get the upstairs tap room into shape for St. Patrick’s Day.

It seems really hard to believe, but it was just one year ago that we cracked open the doors of the BARn and invited you in to try our beer.  What a great time and what great things have happened in the past year!  Thank you so much for being a part of it and for supporting your local brewery.

We are moving into our upstairs tap room this week.  We will serve samples and pints upstairs.  We will fill growlers upstairs.  We’ve got lots of cool new tap room stuff.  Brand new 20 oz. pint glasses to truly pour “the perfect pint”.  A big chalkboard to mount on the wall with pricing and all sorts of information.  A new sound system to plug the iPod into.  A brand new bar to serve our beer from.

We don’t plan to serve up green beer for St. Patrick’s Day.  However, we do plan to have our Black Walnut Wheat on tap, and let me tell you, preliminary tastings are fabulous!  We will be selling pints of Black Walnut Wheat as well as filling growlers.

I’m planning to make some sort of celebratory cake that will go well with Old Tom Porter or Black Walnut Wheat.

We’re even going to stay open one extra hour (until 6 p.m.).  And, we got a few long-sleeved green T-shirts  with our logo on them to have on hand for the day, too.

We’re looking forward to not just your ordinary weekend at the BARn, and we hope you can join us–Saturday, March 17th from 12 to 6 p.m.  And we’re looking forward to another year of sharing good times and handcrafted Ozark beer with you.



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