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Chchchchanges Coming in 2017

In The BARn, The Beer on September 21, 2016 at 10:59 am

We are so excited to bring you the Piney River Brewing Company 2017 release calendar!

Twelve ounce cans are headed your way! There will be more information about that later, and actual 12 oz cans sooner rather than later, too. Stay tuned for that!

We are releasing–in limited quantities–new canned beers throughout the year. They are Raise a Ruckus Imperial Stout, River Access Ozarks Lager and Aux Arcs Saison. 

And that foeder, those barrels, the original BARn is officially where we’ve got the funk going on.  The first of our Farm Raised Funk was Lizzie Twister, the first funkified beer from the BARn.  We plan to release even more Farm Raised Funk in 2017.

Thank you so much for raising a pint with us in 2016.  None of this would be possible without your incredible support. Let’s raise a few more together in the upcoming year!



First of the Piney River Farm Raised Beers…Lizzie Twister

In The BARn, The Beer on August 4, 2016 at 10:58 pm

We’ve made a new beer that’s selling like hot cakes this summer in the tap room. Lizzie Twister is a Berliner-style weisse beer which means that it’s a style of wheat beer traditionally made in Germany. In fact, a Berliner weisse is a tart wheat beer. This style of beer is also traditionally low ABV, so Lizzie is a mere 4% which is nice and easy on a hot day in the Ozarks.

To make this beer, we brewed the beer then pithed lactobacillus into the beer while it was in the fermentation vessel. The lactobacillus when used properly gives the beer a slightly tart flavor.

This is the first beer of this type that we’ve made. We needed to wait until we had a separate brewing space for beers that have things like lactobacillus in them. That’s what we’re using our first brew space–the BARn–for these days. And we’re calling these beers “Farm Raised”.

Right now Lizzie Twister is only in kegs, so we’ve had it at some events like the Springfield Craft Beer Bash and a St. Louis Craft Beer Week tap takeover at Three Kings in Des Peres. We’ll have it at the Great Arkansas Beer Fest this weekend. And we’re serving up pints of it all weekend, every weekend at the BARn tap room. We’re filling cr0wlers and growlers with it, too.

So let me tell you a little story about how the name Lizzie Twister came to be…

Waaay back, a long time ago, maybe even back in our home brewer days, Brian and I heard about this spot on the Big Piney River. This spot is upstream from us. It’s not even a spot we know well, but the spot has a great name…Lizzie Twister.

Brian and I both remember seeing that name on a river map and thinking to ourselves and saying to each other, “That would be a great beer name.” So we tucked Lizzie Twister away for a long time until the “right” beer came along that should be named Lizzie Twister.

Got a slightly tart, easy drinking beer? Got the name Lizzie Twister? Seemed like a match made in heaven.

If you’re like us, you know there isn’t a hill or holler or river bend in the Ozarks that isn’t named something for some reason. How in the world did a spot on the Big Piney River get named Lizzie Twister? Here’s what we’ve been told:

The Jackson Brothers were at wit’s end. Their raft had hung up in the bend below Hell’s Roaring Rocky Shoals on the Big Piney. It was hot, the river had been low, and now they were faced with untangling the mess that had occurred that day.

It was late in the day, they had some homebrew and food along, so they decided to just build a small campfire before dark, heat up some beans, have a brew or two before bedtime, and tackle their problem in the morning.

Right before getting the bedrolls out, there was a noise in the woods next to the gravel bar. They wondered what kind of critter would be coming toward the fire and the voices.

Out of the woods stepped Lizzie from Hazleton Springs. She had heard the voices from up river, walked down to check the boys out. The Jackson Brothers knew her well.

“Hey, Lizzie, we are in a jam,” they said. “Our raft is all twisted up. Can you help?”

Lizzie gave the boys a sly look from corner of her eyes. She clucked her tongue, put her hands on her hips and asked, “It depends. Do you have any Hot Date Ale in a can?”

And all the problems were solved.

The End.


If you come to the BARn to try Lizzie Twister, you can enjoy it plain or with a shot of fruit syrup (which is also traditionally added to Berliner weisse beers in Germany). From left to right we’ve got Blackberry Lizzie Twister; Peach Lizzie Twister; Raspberry Lizzie Twister, or just the unflavored version of Lizzie Twister.

Thanksgiving Weekend on the Piney River Farm

In The BARn on November 22, 2015 at 7:40 pm


We have so much to be thankful for out here on the Piney River Farm.  And that includes you.  You have given us incredible support over the past five years. (Five years?!)

There have been a lot of changes on the farm this past year, and we know that the BARn tap room is place that a lot of you love to visit or bring family to visit over the holidays.  And YES! we are open all weekend long after Thanksgiving.

Bring your turkey sandwiches, your turkey casserole, your turkey soup, or a pizza and come hang out with us on Friday from 2 to 9 p.m.  We’ve got just a wee bit of Sweet Potato Ale on draft and in cans, most likely for the last weekend at the BARn.

On Saturday, we’ve got your food covered, and it ain’t turkey!  Nope, Mike and Julie will be here with smoked pork and brisket sliders and those delicious fried potatoes that go so well with a Piney River beer.  The Hamburger Cows will be back in the BARn mooing original and old timey tunes, too.  We’re open from 2 to 7 p.m. on Saturday.

And finally, if you need a place to unwind after a weekend of relatives, we’re open Sunday, too from 12 to 5 p.m.

Don’t forget, you can start checking people off your Christmas list with Piney River merch–hoodies, T-shirts, pint glasses, koozies and Hydroflask stainless steel growlers.  We’ve got gift certificates, too!

Many of you have asked about touring our new brewing and canning facility.  We are not ready to offer tours yet, but we will have a grand opening for our new building and start offering regular tours of the new facility every Saturday, probably sometime in January.  Meanwhile, just tell the tap room staff if you would like to see where we started, and they can give you a tour in the original BARn.

Where you are this week and on Thanksgiving Day, all of us at Piney River hope you enjoy day with great beer and the people that you love the most.  Cheers!






FRI-YAY (& Saturday and Sunday, too) on the Farm Brewery

In The BARn on September 16, 2015 at 9:33 pm

In case you haven’t already heard, the BARn tap room is now open for a lot more than Saturday!

Beginning this weekend, the BARn is open all weekend long, too...Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Now the BARn is open all weekend long, too…Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Back in May, we kicked off Sundays on Mother’s Day weekend.  All the moms got a free pint that Sunday, and we’ve been open every Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m. since then.

Beginning on Labor Day weekend, we started opening the tap room on Friday afternoon and evening 2 to 9 p.m.

As always, the BARn is family friendly.  Andy’s Homemade Root Beer is on draft for those that don’t drink beer.  We’re pet friendly, too, and there’s always a big bowl of water on the deck for our four-legged friends.  We have a Mike and Julie’s Smoked Meats at the BARn about one weekend a month, and you are welcome to bring food or snacks with you to enjoy with your beer.   We even have a gas grill on the upper deck that you can use–bring your own meat.

We always have sample trays and pints for sale.  We fill growlers and you can take home a Piney River Crowler, too.  We usually have 6 to 8 handcrafted brews on tap for your enjoyment.


A Piney River tin tacker just waiting for a home in your barn!

We have a full merch line up–T-shirts, baseball caps, koozies, pint glasses, Hydroflask growlers, tin tackers and more.  AND we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.   We also have some jewelry and wood carvings available from local artists if you’re looking for something extra special from the Ozarks.

On Saturdays we try to have live music.  The music varies from solo acts to bands.  Many of the bands we hire are local artists with music and swag for sale, too.  You can stay abreast of weekend activities at the BARn by checking out our Facebook page.

If you would like a tour of the BARn, we are currently doing those on Saturdays only–usually around 4 p.m.  If you would like a tour, please tell the bar staff, and they will give you one.  Right now, the tours are limited to the small BARn, but when we get our new barn completely put together, we will give tours of it, too.

Our bigger crowds are usually at the BARn on Saturday, but we’ve heard many people say they enjoy Fridays and Saturdays because there’s less hustle and bustle at the BARn.  You can usually chat up the bar staff, and you can definitely hear the birds singing on the craft beer deck outside.

A Piney River's a 32 oz. can of fresh draft beer...TO GO!

A Piney River Crowler…it’s a 32 oz. can of fresh draft beer…TO GO!

We started hauling hay out of the loft of our old barn in the summer of 2010.  We always thought we would build some type of tasting room upstairs because we figured there would be a few curious people that would want to sample the beer and see where it was made.  We thought that our tasting room would end up being a cool place for us to hang out with our friends.  We had no idea that the BARn would become a destination location in the Ozarks.  We had no idea that every weekend folks would flock from all over the state to our little farm on the Piney.  We had no idea that we were building a destination brewery.

So, thank you to all of the people that have helped our little brewery reach the point that we need to be open all weekend long.  And if you haven’t already raised a pint with us at the BARn, we are looking forward to doing that with you very soon!

BARn(s) birds eye view!  Thanks Doug Davidson for capturing this!

BARn(s) birds eye view! Thanks Doug Davidson for capturing this!

3rd Annual Drink Your Part for the Houston Education Foundation Event

In Beer Events, The BARn on September 2, 2015 at 7:45 am
Houston Schools recently completed a major construction project. HEF purchased new computers for the new media center that is in the 2nd floor of this new construction.

Houston Schools recently completed a major construction project. HEF purchased new computers for the new media center that is in the 2nd floor of this new construction.

Piney River Brewing is hosting a fundraiser for the Houston Education Foundation (HEF) on Saturday, September 5th at the BARn Tap Room.

Houston Education Foundation board members will be at the BARn from 2 to 7 p.m. selling bratwurst and hot dogs to raise funds for the local charity which benefits the students in the Houston School District. Piney River will donate a portion of all pint sales from the day to HEF.

Scott Dill, superintendent at Houston schools, and other musical professionals in the district will sing and play for tips that will also be donated to HEF.

Lucas Clem and Stacey Uchtman, brewers at Piney River, have brewed two specialty beers that will be released exclusively for the benefit. “Teacher’s Pet” is an apple beer highlighting the flavor of apples in an easy to drink ale. “Apples in the Fall” is also an apple beer featuring the flavor of apples and spices commonly found in apple pie or apple butter.

The event is free and open to the public, including families. Andy’s Homemade Root Beer is a non-alcoholic option available at the BARn.

Beginning this weekend, the BARn is open all weekend long, too...Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Beginning this weekend, the BARn is open all weekend long, too…Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Celebrating Craft Beer in the Ozarks–Piney River Style

In Beer Events, The BARn, The Beer on March 2, 2014 at 10:53 am

It was in March of 2011 that Brian and I cracked open the doors to the BARn for the very first time. Somewhat to our surprise, folks showed up! We filled growlers, we poured pints, we sampled the beer that we were brewing after work, sometimes after midnight, on our Sabco Brew Magic 10-gallon system. The “system” for serving beer that first year at the BARn included a table across the middle of brew house floor and picnic tables and camp chairs located out in front of the BARn.

A year later, we had a bar built in the upstairs of the BARn. Pallets of grain were stacked around the Advantec covered floor, we had seating for 30 (not counting the camp chairs). Friends provided some tunes. Black Walnut Wheat came back (for good) on draft. The First Aleiversary was born.

Then came the 2nd Aleiversary in March 2013. Was that really just one year ago? The first live music was planned and performed at the BARn (thank you, Barak Hill, Jody Bilyeu and The Taylor’s). We featured some special beers–Hot Date Ale and Low Water Bridge IPA. Mike and Julie Anderson never knew that they could handcrank so many potatoes for their Irish nachos.

The middle of March is coming around again, and we are so excited for our 3rd Aleiversary! So many of you are planning to join us on March 15th. We know the Aleiversary is something that is anticipated by many, and we are anticipating the opportunity to give back to you for your great support of Piney River brewing throughout the year.

All hands on deck! Our great staff will ALL be here on the 15th to take care of you…from parking to pints, we’re going to make sure you’ve got plenty of libations to celebrate with us all day long. The BARn will be open from 12 to 7 p.m. that day.

Food! Mike and Julie Anderson of Huggins will be back with delicious smoked meats, and an electric potato slicer for their famous Irish Nachos. Plus, they have a great new trailer that they will have in front of the BARn for serving all of their foods.

Music! Live music has become a regular part of Saturdays at the BARn, and we are so excited to welcome back two bands that have been a fun part of our Saturdays in the past year. The Farethewells from Salem and Deep Fried Squirrel from Springfield will be here with original tunes, covers and taking requests. Banjos, fiddles, upright bass–Brian and I know that the BARn was made for these sounds, and we regularly watch in wonder when the magic is happening on a Saturday at the BARn.

Beer! This is the best part of the Aleiversary, the opportunity to craft new beers for everyone that comes to celebrate craft beer in the Ozarks with us. Throughout the day on March 15th we will be tapping some special beers. We plan to have to some special cask ales that will be cracked throughout the day, some kegs of beer on tap, and we have brewed a large batch of “Mule Team”, an Imperial India Pale Ale, that will only be available at the BARn on March 15th. We will have kegs of it on tap, and we are doing a special packaging run of it, and four-pack pints will be for sale, too. Brian and I have dreamed of making Mule Team for a long time, and we’re very excited to have this beer on draft for the Aleiversary and package it for you to take home, too!mule team labelI keep telling folks that we plan to double, if not triple, the population of Bucyrus on March 15th. We hope there’s a little green grass peeking through the front yard of the BARn that Saturday. Mike and Julie will be parked in front of the BARn, and we will have a “cash only” beer tent outside to serve up beer. We have more picnic tables on order that will be out front, and you’re welcome to bring camp chairs and pop up canopies for your own party at the party. The Farethewells are the first band up, and Deep Fried Squirrel will close the party down. There is no charge to attend the Aleiversary, and it’s family friendly. We’ll have Andy’s Root Beer on tap until we run out of it. If you need a place to stay while at the Aleiversary, may we recommend Almoos’t Heaven Bed & Breakfast in Success and Boiling Springs Resort in Licking.

We can’t wait to celebrate 3 years of craft beer in the Ozarks with you in just two weeks!

3rd aleiversary


A Craft Beer Thank You to You!

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For our second Ale-iversary a friend gave us a card (and a really cool growler) that said the frequently used Benjamin Franklin quote, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”


Happy is really the best word to describe the 2nd Ale-iversary at Piney River Brewing Company.


We’ve been working fast and furious for the past few months to pull this off…got the cherry wood floor down, added electricity to the South side of the BARn (for live music), got trim put up, added the other speakers we purchased for last year’s Ale-iversary, brewed up special beers (Hot Date and Low Water Bridge IPA), put in a women’s restroom, and ordered tables and chairs to seat 120.


Mike and Julie’s Smoked Meats provided food for our packed house all day long! Smoked meats and Irish nachos. The food was a HUGE hit! Thanks to Mike & Julie Anderson, and yes, we will have them back again.


Singer/songwriter Barak Hill brought Jody Bilyeu along as an accompanist, and they performed original tunes as well covers. Great voices, great songs, a variety of instruments, and they closed with The Weight, one of our family’s favorite tunes. In fact, our new puppy, Annie is actually registered as “Royalty’s Take a Load of Annie” (Royalty Dalmatians is her breeder.)

Barak Hill

Barak Hill

Jody Bilyeu

Jody Bilyeu


The Taylor’s, a bluegrass band originally hailing from Mountain View, AR, closed out the day with strummin’ and pickin’, some country covers and dance tunes. They enjoyed our lively and appreciative customers, and they had never before performed at a brewery.

The second Ale-iversary marked the second year of opening our tap room to you. Two years ago we were amazed that people actually showed up. Today, we were amazed at the cars that filled the parking lot and went all the way up the drive to the main road.
What can we say? Thank you! Piney River is what it is because of you. We would not be successful without you supporting your local brewery.

We’re looking forward to sharing the upcoming year with you. We’re going to bring lots more live music, good times, a fun space and all the locally brewed craft beer you can drink. We love being able to share our little bit of heaven with you. We love making beer that celebrates the Ozarks. We love sharing it with people that understand and enjoy the Ozarks with us.

Thank you and cheers! Here are just a few more photos from the day…

Debra Smith, Brian Durham & Lucas Clem

Debra Smith, Brian Durham & Lucas Clem

Andy Durham

Andy Durham

The Girlfriends, Yadi & the babies

The Girlfriends, Yadi & the babies

Cars going up the drive...

Cars going up the drive…

Shortly after 2 (when we opened today)

Shortly after 2 (when we opened today)




Tap Room Tweaks

In The BARn on September 6, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Many of you were at the BARn last weekend. A lot of you were not here, but it was nearly standing room only. And there were so many empty kegs at the end of the day that we wondered what we would serve in the upcoming week.

Even now, I am thinking of this person and that person that came in…and many of you stayed awhile, too. On a fluke, and since it was Labor Day weekend, Brian and I got some brats and grilled them to give away to those that came in, too.


We had two new beers–Honey Basil Ale and Sweet Potato Ale on tap. We didn’t really announce the new beers many hours before the tap room opening, and we definitely didn’t announce anything about the brats until the tap room was almost open on Saturday. In fact, at 2:15 when Brian, Debra, Lucas and I were chilling on the porch, I think I may have uttered something like, “It may be a slow day today.”


We had visitors from Salem, Lebanon, Licking, Cabool, Plato, Mountain Grove, Houston, West Plains, St. Louis, Fort Leonard Wood and everywhere in between. For many people, it was a first visit. For at least as many more it was the second or the third time or more that you visited. Thank you to all of you!

Let me take you back a little bit…when Brian and I started renovating the barn we had the idea that we would build this big bar and a deck off the upstairs.

We thought we might operate a little tap room on the weekends, maybe once a month. We really didn’t think that people would want to drive two miles down a gravel road located in the middle of nowhere to drink beer and look at cows and turkeys and listen to Indie rock and folk music and the birds and the wind blowing through the trees. Boy were we wrong!

You came! And you keep coming back! And you bring your friends! And you bring your family members! Thank you!

We are so honored and humbled to have a place to share with others. Our BARn, our farm out here in the Ozarks is our little piece of heaven that we have the opportunity to share with you and your friends and family for five hours each weekend.

And we’re still trying to figure out how to run a tap room.

In fact, earlier this year at the Craft Brewer’s Conference, I led a panel discussion with some great packaging breweries in attendance–Lucky Bucket Brewing, Sun King Brewing, Odell’s Brewing and Marble Brewery–talking about running a tap room in addition to the packaging side. Talk about a collection of great minds! They shared their wisdom to a packed room of several hundred people in the industry. Turns out that I’m not the only packaging brewery out there that’s trying to figure out running a tap room.

All of the panelists in my tap room discussion, like Brian and I, had a dream to make beer that ended up in bars, restaurants and refrigerators in our local areas. We all quickly learned that our craft beer fans wanted to come to the source to meet us, to drink our beer, to fill growlers. We’re all trying to figure out how to accommodate everyone–from our distributors and the bars and restaurants that serve our beer to the people that come to visit us personally in the tap room. And we appreciate your patience and understanding as we do this.

So we’re making a few tweaks in the tap room at Piney River Brewing as we start the autumn season.

We’ve lowered the price on our pints and 4 oz. pours of Black Walnut Wheat. There was a time when Black Walnut Wheat was a “special” beer that we brewed. We still really believe in the special nature of this beer, and it’s our number one selling beer to our distributors and in tap room. However, we’re lowering the price of the Black Walnut Wheat from here on out. Cheers!

We’re changing the way we handle growlers–our half gallon glass containers that allow you to take fresh draft beer “to go”. Growlers are “to go” only, not to be consumed in the brewery or on the brewery grounds. Likewise, pitchers of beer will no longer be available. In order for Piney River Brewing to have the tap room we have, we must have our beer available in bars and restaurants across the Ozarks. We don’t sell our Piney Pints for less than they are in retail stores, so we’re not going to sell our draft beer for less than it is in area bars and restaurants. We appreciate your understanding that if you’re going to drink beer at the BARn, we’ll gladly pour you a perfect imperial pint in one of our great tap room 22 oz. glasses or you can drink lots of 4 oz. pours. You’ll always get a fresh glass, a great view and smile with every pint or pour we serve to you.

Don’t forget that at Piney River we are happy to fill growlers from other breweries, too! We know that’s not always something that’s available in many brewery tap rooms. And if you have one of those cheap, metal growler caps, we’ll even trade your cap for one of our special poly seal caps to keep all that great draft beer freshness bottled up inside.

Just like our recently introduced Honey Basil Ale and our Sweet Potato Ale, Brian and I are taking the time to play and to create to provide new things for you, our tap room friends.

A 4 oz. pour of Honey Basil Ale.

We’ve got a Chocolate Pumpkin Ale in the works and few more ideas that we’ve dreamed up, too. We can’t wait to brew them and to share them with you…in the BARn.

We promise we’ll add another bathroom..right there where it says “bathroom in planning”. In addition to the cherry wood floor that’s already milled and ready to go down upstairs, we have a few other really special plans for the tap room. And we’re going to get some more tables and chairs, too–for the indoors and the outdoors! It’s obvious that whenever we think we’ve got “enough”, we’re wrong.

Our plan is to continue to stay open on Saturdays from 2 to 7 through the fall and winter, too. We will be open during the Saturdays around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Yes, we heard you loud and clear last year…you want to bring your family and friends to visit the local brewery when they come to visit you!

And…as much as possible, we plan to offer tours on Saturdays, too. When Brian and I are working, we will give them–probably two each Saturday. If we aren’t there, we will try to make arrangements for someone else to give a tour. And tours are free, just like the samples that we pour up each weekend.

Thank you again our craft beer loving friends for your support of your local brewery! We are having so much fun with you, and we appreciate your patience as we grow, too.

See you soon in Brewcyrus!






Building of a Craft Beer Bar at the BARn

In The BARn on February 19, 2012 at 9:29 pm

A long, long time ago we dreamed of having a cool bar in the top of our barn.  That dream was before we even hauled hay out of the top of what is now the BARn way back in 100+ temperatures in July 2010.

In November or December this year, we went upstairs and measured and drew and talked through building the first craft beer bar in Texas County.  We bought a bar sink, ran water upstairs, and put electricity into our bar shell.  We added some tables and chairs and lighting, and found Tim Prater’s Wood Mill.

We were actually put in touch with Tim in the fall when a friend told us about “a guy in Raymondville” with a bunch of cherry wood flooring–a possibility for the upstairs of the BARn.  Tim showed up one day with a beautiful piece of the wood to show us.  We were sold.

Meanwhile we decided to put wood partially up the side walls over the rafters to not only protect the insulation, but to provide something on which to hang a few things.  We decided to talk to Tim about that, too.  And, of course, we ended up talking with him about a bar top, too.

If there was ever a reason to visit Raymondville, MO, it’s to see The Wood Mill, Tim’s shop in Raymondville.

The Wood Mill is a cinderblock building right in the center of town.  After our first trip there, Brian and I agreed that the entire building could collapse, but it would held up by the amount of wood inside the building.  It’s truly amazing.

I know; it looks like it might be hard to find things, but I’m pretty sure Tim knows every piece of wood in his shop.  When we first visited him he showed us all types of wood.  He would mention something like maple, and he would disappear behind stack of wood, head deep into the bowels of stacks of wood, to pull out a random piece of beautiful maple, or cedar, or white oak, or yellow pine, or you name it.

As Tim would talk about the wood he could provide to us for a specific project, he would take us to a specific pile and show us what he could use for the walls or the floor or the bar.  Then, he would say, “Let me show you some of my private stash”, and he would pull out a large beautiful piece of cherry or pine, etc.  Tim would point out unique characteristics in the wood like each piece was a work of art.

There’s only one way to describe Tim’s feelings about wood–he is passionate.  Here’s an example of Tim’s passion: when we were in Tim’s office which is heated with a little wood stove, Brian asked Tim if he heated with scrap wood.  Tim explained that he purchased a pallet of “ends” from a local sawmill to burn in his wood stove, but the wood was “too good” to burn.  Back we went into Tim’s shop to look at the oak scraps that had beautiful colors…definitely good enough for planing and using for some special project.  Tim just burns wood shavings instead; they are beautiful but hard to plane and put on a wall or attach to the floor.

So, a guy that’s passionate about wood from the Ozarks meets two people that are passionate about creating craft beer in the Ozarks.  It was meant to be.

Besides the cherry wood floor that Tim is making for us, we also got some of his “private collection” of white pine to hang on the walls in the loft.  And Tim is building the top for the BARn bar.

Today, Tim asked us to take look at the top as it has come along so far.

Here’s all 30′ of our soon to be BARn bar.  Oh yeah, it’s made out of Ozark grown red cedar.

Brian, Tim and Andy check out one of the pieces.

After inspecting and approving Tim’s great work, we went home and worked on the bar facing, using more of our old barn wood.

Barney, our original BARn cat, sits on the old wood while we work.

After cutting boards the proper length for the bar front, Brian attached them to the front while I put a coat of clear polyurethane on the white pine wall behind the bar.  About five hours later, we had the bar front mostly covered and one pine wall ready to be trimmed.

Every weekend we have visitors to the BARn that enjoy their trip into the rural Ozarks where handcrafted beer awaits them.  All of our visitors plan to come back, and we have many “regulars”.  The BARn is a becoming everything we imagined that it would be…a gathering place for friends new and old.  And when the bar and the taproom at the BARn is complete, it’s really going to be something special to be enjoyed by all.

Sunday afternoon in the taproom at the BARn.


Bucyrus, Missouri–A Craft Beer Town

In The BARn on February 15, 2012 at 10:44 pm

Bucyrus.  Pronounced “Bue-sigh-russ”.  I know.  It doesn’t look like that.

Bucyrus is little more than a postal code.  In fact, Bucyrus is one of the rural post office towns that’s on the post office chopping block.  But we’ll get to keep our name.

A whole bunch of good people live in Bucyrus.  I imagine that every single resident of Bucyrus has had the distinct pleasure of giving someone we don’t know our zip code for a town look up only to receive complete silence while they try to figure out how to pronounce the town that just popped up.

At Piney River Brewing Company, we’re pretty proud to brew in Bucyrus.  You may have noticed that right on the front of our cans, we’ve written “Canned & Brewed in Bucyrus, Missouri”.  Our kegs have “Bucyrus, MO” embossed in the stainless steel.  It’s all good here in Bucyrus.

However, a name change was suggested today for Bucyrus.  The new name reflects the current activities in our tiny Missouri town:

Personally, we can’t help but love the idea.

What do you think?