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Celebrating Craft Beer in the Ozarks–Piney River Style

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It was in March of 2011 that Brian and I cracked open the doors to the BARn for the very first time. Somewhat to our surprise, folks showed up! We filled growlers, we poured pints, we sampled the beer that we were brewing after work, sometimes after midnight, on our Sabco Brew Magic 10-gallon system. The “system” for serving beer that first year at the BARn included a table across the middle of brew house floor and picnic tables and camp chairs located out in front of the BARn.

A year later, we had a bar built in the upstairs of the BARn. Pallets of grain were stacked around the Advantec covered floor, we had seating for 30 (not counting the camp chairs). Friends provided some tunes. Black Walnut Wheat came back (for good) on draft. The First Aleiversary was born.

Then came the 2nd Aleiversary in March 2013. Was that really just one year ago? The first live music was planned and performed at the BARn (thank you, Barak Hill, Jody Bilyeu and The Taylor’s). We featured some special beers–Hot Date Ale and Low Water Bridge IPA. Mike and Julie Anderson never knew that they could handcrank so many potatoes for their Irish nachos.

The middle of March is coming around again, and we are so excited for our 3rd Aleiversary! So many of you are planning to join us on March 15th. We know the Aleiversary is something that is anticipated by many, and we are anticipating the opportunity to give back to you for your great support of Piney River brewing throughout the year.

All hands on deck! Our great staff will ALL be here on the 15th to take care of you…from parking to pints, we’re going to make sure you’ve got plenty of libations to celebrate with us all day long. The BARn will be open from 12 to 7 p.m. that day.

Food! Mike and Julie Anderson of Huggins will be back with delicious smoked meats, and an electric potato slicer for their famous Irish Nachos. Plus, they have a great new trailer that they will have in front of the BARn for serving all of their foods.

Music! Live music has become a regular part of Saturdays at the BARn, and we are so excited to welcome back two bands that have been a fun part of our Saturdays in the past year. The Farethewells from Salem and Deep Fried Squirrel from Springfield will be here with original tunes, covers and taking requests. Banjos, fiddles, upright bass–Brian and I know that the BARn was made for these sounds, and we regularly watch in wonder when the magic is happening on a Saturday at the BARn.

Beer! This is the best part of the Aleiversary, the opportunity to craft new beers for everyone that comes to celebrate craft beer in the Ozarks with us. Throughout the day on March 15th we will be tapping some special beers. We plan to have to some special cask ales that will be cracked throughout the day, some kegs of beer on tap, and we have brewed a large batch of “Mule Team”, an Imperial India Pale Ale, that will only be available at the BARn on March 15th. We will have kegs of it on tap, and we are doing a special packaging run of it, and four-pack pints will be for sale, too. Brian and I have dreamed of making Mule Team for a long time, and we’re very excited to have this beer on draft for the Aleiversary and package it for you to take home, too!mule team labelI keep telling folks that we plan to double, if not triple, the population of Bucyrus on March 15th. We hope there’s a little green grass peeking through the front yard of the BARn that Saturday. Mike and Julie will be parked in front of the BARn, and we will have a “cash only” beer tent outside to serve up beer. We have more picnic tables on order that will be out front, and you’re welcome to bring camp chairs and pop up canopies for your own party at the party. The Farethewells are the first band up, and Deep Fried Squirrel will close the party down. There is no charge to attend the Aleiversary, and it’s family friendly. We’ll have Andy’s Root Beer on tap until we run out of it. If you need a place to stay while at the Aleiversary, may we recommend Almoos’t Heaven Bed & Breakfast in Success and Boiling Springs Resort in Licking.

We can’t wait to celebrate 3 years of craft beer in the Ozarks with you in just two weeks!

3rd aleiversary



A Craft Beer Thank You to You!

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For our second Ale-iversary a friend gave us a card (and a really cool growler) that said the frequently used Benjamin Franklin quote, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”


Happy is really the best word to describe the 2nd Ale-iversary at Piney River Brewing Company.


We’ve been working fast and furious for the past few months to pull this off…got the cherry wood floor down, added electricity to the South side of the BARn (for live music), got trim put up, added the other speakers we purchased for last year’s Ale-iversary, brewed up special beers (Hot Date and Low Water Bridge IPA), put in a women’s restroom, and ordered tables and chairs to seat 120.


Mike and Julie’s Smoked Meats provided food for our packed house all day long! Smoked meats and Irish nachos. The food was a HUGE hit! Thanks to Mike & Julie Anderson, and yes, we will have them back again.


Singer/songwriter Barak Hill brought Jody Bilyeu along as an accompanist, and they performed original tunes as well covers. Great voices, great songs, a variety of instruments, and they closed with The Weight, one of our family’s favorite tunes. In fact, our new puppy, Annie is actually registered as “Royalty’s Take a Load of Annie” (Royalty Dalmatians is her breeder.)

Barak Hill

Barak Hill

Jody Bilyeu

Jody Bilyeu


The Taylor’s, a bluegrass band originally hailing from Mountain View, AR, closed out the day with strummin’ and pickin’, some country covers and dance tunes. They enjoyed our lively and appreciative customers, and they had never before performed at a brewery.

The second Ale-iversary marked the second year of opening our tap room to you. Two years ago we were amazed that people actually showed up. Today, we were amazed at the cars that filled the parking lot and went all the way up the drive to the main road.
What can we say? Thank you! Piney River is what it is because of you. We would not be successful without you supporting your local brewery.

We’re looking forward to sharing the upcoming year with you. We’re going to bring lots more live music, good times, a fun space and all the locally brewed craft beer you can drink. We love being able to share our little bit of heaven with you. We love making beer that celebrates the Ozarks. We love sharing it with people that understand and enjoy the Ozarks with us.

Thank you and cheers! Here are just a few more photos from the day…

Debra Smith, Brian Durham & Lucas Clem

Debra Smith, Brian Durham & Lucas Clem

Andy Durham

Andy Durham

The Girlfriends, Yadi & the babies

The Girlfriends, Yadi & the babies

Cars going up the drive...

Cars going up the drive…

Shortly after 2 (when we opened today)

Shortly after 2 (when we opened today)