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Craft Beer Shoot at the BARn*

In The Beer on February 9, 2012 at 8:56 pm

*There were no beers injured in the making of this blog post.

There comes a time in every beer’s life where a professional must be called in.  In this case, the professional was once again Brooke Hamilton of Grindstone Studio.

This time, Brooke brought her camera, a whole carload of “stuff”, and her mentor and teacher and our friend, Marian McKinney.  Here’s how it went down:

The Star:  Piney River Beer

The Professional:  Brooke Hamilton, Grindstone Studio

The Assistant:  Marian McKinney, McKinney Forge & Design Studio

The Beer Runner & Other Assistant:  Me (Joleen)

The Beer Pourer :  Brian (while cleaning the brite tank)

There were extension cords and tripods and umbrellas and a big white box and papers of different colors and a metallic cloth and REALLY HOT lights and I was thinking, “Thank God we’re just dealing with a beer model here and not a human model!”  I couldn’t imagine what all we would need.

Brooke arranged.   Marian assisted.  Brian poured.  I ran with full pints.  Brooke photographed.

Then we would drink the beer model.  (I know, we should have called you and told you what was going on in our efforts to leave no beer behind…we’ll try to let you know the next time we do this.)

Brooke ended up taking photos of pours of all of our beers.  She took photos of cans.  We used an old mule shoe and Charlie’s anvil.  It was fun.  And Marian had the extreme pleasure of being the assistant to her student.

Marian & Brooke

Remember how I said there were no beers injured?  I can’t say the same for our beer signs.

John McCarty of McCarty Signs made us some very cool signs to hang from our fermentation vessels.  They were hanging on the wall behind the box that Brooke was shooting our pint photos in.  Brooke had positioned a tungsten light behind the box, and it came into contact with one of John’s Missouri Mule India Pale Ale signs.

Brooke, Marian and I all noticed this slight burning smell, but we thought it had to do with something Brian was doing while cleaning the brite tank.  Then smoke started curling up from behind the box.


So a custom made sign got a little charred on one side one night in the BARn.  It’s just another great story to tell in this chapter at Piney River Brewing Company.

And we’re not letting John repaint that sign!