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Brewery Celebrates Four Years of Business with Aleiversary Event

In Beer Events on March 1, 2015 at 8:30 pm

aleiversary 15 larger

Piney River Brewing Company is celebrating their fourth anniversary on Sat., Mar. 14th at the brewery in Bucyrus.

The “4th Aleiversary” party will be held at the BARn—the brewery and tap room located off Junction ZZ—from 12 to 7 p.m.

“After a few weeks of wintery weather, we are looking forward to enjoying a beautiful spring day in the Ozarks at our upcoming Aleiversary,” Joleen Durham, co-founder and owner, said.

Durham described the Aleiversary as “the biggest event in Bucyrus”, and over 600 people from across the region enjoyed the day with the Durham’s at the Piney River Farm.

“The event is family-friendly, and there is no charge for admission,” Durham said. “Many Piney River fans look forward to this day at the BARn all year long.”

The Piney River tap room will pour several beers that are available year round in the tap room including Float Trip Ale, Black Walnut Wheat, McKinney Eddy Amber Ale, Bronzeback Pale Ale, Old Tom Porter and Missouri Mule India Pale Ale.

Piney River Brewing also has some small batch limited release beers available for the Aleiversary.   Paw Paw French Saison and Brick and Mortar Coffee Porter are two of the small batch beers that will be poured that day.

Paw Paw French Saison is a French saison-style beer that is brewed with paw paw fruit. Brick and Mortar Coffee Porter is the brewery’s award winning Old Tom Porter that has fresh coffee from Brick and Mortar Coffee Company in Springfield, MO added.

Crankbait Cream Ale, the brewery’s spring seasonal, will make it’s spring debut at the BARn on the 14th, and it will go out to retail locations through brewery distributors after the party.

“Probably our most anticipated limited release beer to be available at the Aleiversary will be our Mule Team India Pale Ale,” Brian Durham, co-founder and head brewer, said.

Mule Team IPA is an imperial India pale ale that was first brewed for Piney River’s 2014 anniversary event.

“This year’s Mule Team IPA has more pronounced hop flavor and aroma,” Brian Durham said, explaining that the 2015 imperial IPA is also “more dry”, coming in at 10 percent alcohol by volume.

“All of the brewing staff is very excited about releasing this year’s version of Mule Team IPA at the Aleiversary,” Brian Durham said.

Mule Team IPA takes almost a month to complete from brewing to packaging. The “4th Aleiversary Limited Release” Mule Team label thanks the team—“dedicated employees, partnerships with distributors, support of friends, neighbors and craft beer lovers”—that has helped the brewery achieve success over the past four years.

In addition to the handcrafted ales, the Aleiversary will feature two bands providing live music—The Josh Jennings Band from Joplin and Smokey Folk from Springfield. Both bands feature multi-talented instrumentalists and singers that perform Americana, folk and rock covers and original songs.

Two food trucks will be on site–Mike and Julie’s Smoked Meats of Huggins and Aviary on the Fly of Springfield–will provide unique handmade foods such as Irish nachos and sweet and savory crepes.

Piney River Brewing is located on Durham’s 80-acre farm, operating out of a restored 70-year old barn. Durham founded the brewery with his wife, Joleen, in 2010 with a 10-gallon brewing system.

In 2014, Piney River Brewing produced over 1,800 barrels of beer, and their Float Trip Ale won a World Beer Cup gold award in Denver in April.

Currently, a $1.2 million expansion is underway on the Piney River Farm. A larger barn will house a new, larger brewhouse and related fermentation and packaging equipment to enable the brewery to produce up to 9,000 barrels of beer a year and increase distribution areas.

The brewery has distribution throughout Central and Southern Missouri and Arkansas.

Additional information about Piney River Brewing and the 4th Aleiversary can be found at

The label for 2015 Mule Team India Pale Ale

The label for 2015 Mule Team India Pale Ale


A Craft Beer Thank You to You!

In Beer Events, The BARn on March 16, 2013 at 11:47 pm

For our second Ale-iversary a friend gave us a card (and a really cool growler) that said the frequently used Benjamin Franklin quote, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”


Happy is really the best word to describe the 2nd Ale-iversary at Piney River Brewing Company.


We’ve been working fast and furious for the past few months to pull this off…got the cherry wood floor down, added electricity to the South side of the BARn (for live music), got trim put up, added the other speakers we purchased for last year’s Ale-iversary, brewed up special beers (Hot Date and Low Water Bridge IPA), put in a women’s restroom, and ordered tables and chairs to seat 120.


Mike and Julie’s Smoked Meats provided food for our packed house all day long! Smoked meats and Irish nachos. The food was a HUGE hit! Thanks to Mike & Julie Anderson, and yes, we will have them back again.


Singer/songwriter Barak Hill brought Jody Bilyeu along as an accompanist, and they performed original tunes as well covers. Great voices, great songs, a variety of instruments, and they closed with The Weight, one of our family’s favorite tunes. In fact, our new puppy, Annie is actually registered as “Royalty’s Take a Load of Annie” (Royalty Dalmatians is her breeder.)

Barak Hill

Barak Hill

Jody Bilyeu

Jody Bilyeu


The Taylor’s, a bluegrass band originally hailing from Mountain View, AR, closed out the day with strummin’ and pickin’, some country covers and dance tunes. They enjoyed our lively and appreciative customers, and they had never before performed at a brewery.

The second Ale-iversary marked the second year of opening our tap room to you. Two years ago we were amazed that people actually showed up. Today, we were amazed at the cars that filled the parking lot and went all the way up the drive to the main road.
What can we say? Thank you! Piney River is what it is because of you. We would not be successful without you supporting your local brewery.

We’re looking forward to sharing the upcoming year with you. We’re going to bring lots more live music, good times, a fun space and all the locally brewed craft beer you can drink. We love being able to share our little bit of heaven with you. We love making beer that celebrates the Ozarks. We love sharing it with people that understand and enjoy the Ozarks with us.

Thank you and cheers! Here are just a few more photos from the day…

Debra Smith, Brian Durham & Lucas Clem

Debra Smith, Brian Durham & Lucas Clem

Andy Durham

Andy Durham

The Girlfriends, Yadi & the babies

The Girlfriends, Yadi & the babies

Cars going up the drive...

Cars going up the drive…

Shortly after 2 (when we opened today)

Shortly after 2 (when we opened today)




The Barn in the BARn Tap Handles at Piney River Brewing Company

In Start up on January 19, 2012 at 9:39 pm

This blog post is long overdue…it started sometime last March when Brian and I were at the Craft Brewers Conference.  While looking at everything from keg collars to glycol chillers we picked up some information and talked to some companies that make tap handles.

Fast forward to this past summer when a pressing need for tap handles was upon us.  We knew that we needed tap handles for our off premise sales.  We needed a handle that was distinctive, that said “PineyRiver Brewing”, and that covered the bases of the various beers we offer.

Covering all of those bases is pretty hard, especially when you’re trying to be fiscally responsible.  Add to that the fact that we have started our brewery with five regular beers on tap, so we needed to be able to cover all five beers with our tap handles.  Plus, we didn’t want to go with some “made in China” tap handle that was stamped out thousands of miles from the people that would be enjoying the beer we brewed in our barn in Missouri.

Enter David Pepper and Firkin Taphandles.

I found a story on David in the St. Louis Post Dispatch about his efforts at helping Schlafly create new tap handles in conjunction with their 20th anniversary.

Brian and I met David at his home in St. Louis the first weekend in September while Andy was enjoying The Cardinals Crew Festival at Busch Stadium with his Grandma.  While Andy was getting Jason Motte’s autograph and talking to Tony LaRussa, Brian and I unloaded a bunch of original wood from the BARn into David’s garage.

Yes, you heard right, we used the old wood that came down off the barn for our tap handles.  David has done some tap handles for breweries that used reclaimed woods of various sorts.  We used our own reclaimed wood.

That’s a nail hole going through the bottom of that tap handle.

David also designed a special slot in each handle that allows us or the restaurant or bar serving our beer to slide the name/style of beer in and out of the tap handle as the beer changes.  One style of tap handle that covers all five of our current styles of beer.

And our tap handle design?  Well, that was pure inspiration thanks to our friend Joe Richardson. 

Remember the sassafras mash paddle Joe made for us?

If you are someone that spends time holding a paddle  while canoeing on a river, you know the shape of the end of the paddle in your hand.  We decided to use that same shape in the hand for our tap handles.

Two tap handles, one paddle handle.

We’re pretty proud of our tap handles.  We’re glad we were able to support another small business in Missouri.  We love the old barn wood re-used in tap handle form.  And we especially hope that a lot of our barn handles find a way to a bar or restaurant near you.

And here are a few more photos just for fun…Cheers!